Leitung des IKT

Prof. Dr. Gertraud Schottenloher

Founder and Director

General Qualifications

University Professor and Ph.D. in Art Therapy with Diplomas in Psychology & Clinical Psychology and a Certification in Psychotherapy.

Founder/ Director of the Institute for Art and Therapy, Munich (IKT)

Known for creating the first German University Master Program in Art Therapy and for success in:

1. Implementing Art Therapy in Germany,
2. Integrating Fine Arts and Western Psychotherapy,
3. Using Artistic Expression, Psychotherapeutic Principles and the power of Self-Awareness

Activities & Accomplishments

  • Founding Director and Professor of the Art Therapy Master Program at the University of Fine Art in Munich, Germany.
  • Founding Director and Teacher of the Institute of Art and Therapy (IKT) Munich, Germany,
  • Developed both programs and managed 20 adjunct Professors and instructors as team-teachers.
  • Graduated more than 530 students in the 30 years of operations of both programs.
  • These 2 Programs have also produced 7 full-time Professors who are currently running their own programs in Art Therapy in other Educational Institutions in Germany, Austria and Korea.
  • Served as an International Trainer in Art Therapy and Personal Development at various Universities around the world, including the University of Zürich, Switzerland; the George Washington University, Washington DC, USA; University of Lusk, Ukraine; and the University of Fine Art Dresden, Germany.
  • Served for many years as a Trainer in Art Therapy at various prestigious institutions including the Lindauer Advanced Psychotherapy Training Program.
  • Over 50 lectures on Art Therapy at International Professional Conferences, at Institutions and in Universities, world-wide.
  • Organized, directed, and facilitated 12 major Professional Conferences on Art Therapy as well as 14 exhibits on Art Therapy in Germany, since 1987.
  • Author of several professional books on Art Therapy, one of which is now in its 7th printing.
  • Author of more than 30 Articles in professional books and journals on Art Therapy
  • Former Vice President and former Member of the Senate of the University of Fine Art in Munich, Germany
  • Certified Training Therapist in Art Therapy (DGKT, DfKGT)
  • More than 15,000 hours of professional therapeutic treatment of individuals including adults, children and groups.
  • Certified Supervisor for Art Therapists, for Teams and for Projects in Art Therapy
  • Languages: German, English, & Spanish.

Formal Education

  • Masters in Psychology, Universities of Munich and Tübingen, Germany.
  • Ph. D. in Art Therapy and Psychology, University of Zürich, Switzerland

NEU: Kunsttherapie Weiterbildung mit Bachelor Abschluss

Unsere Weiterbildung schließt jetzt mit dem Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) ab. Das berufsbegleitende Studienprogramm ist das erste Weiterbildungs-Bachelorprogramm in Kunsttherapie an einer Staatlichen Hochschule in Deutschland.