Prof. Dr. Gertraud Schottenloher

Founder and Director

Gertraud-Schottenloher-IKT    General Qualifications

        University Professor and Ph.D. in Art Therapy with
        Diplomas in Psychology & Clinical Psychology
        and a Certification in Psychotherapy

        Founder/ Director of the Institute for Art and Therapy,
        Munich (IKT) 

  •         Known for creating the first German University Master
            Program in Art Therapy and for success in
            1. Implementing Art Therapy in Germany,
            2. Integrating Fine Arts and Western Psychotherapy,
            3. Using Artistic Expression, Psychotherapeutic Principles
                         and the power of Self-Awareness

   Activities & Accomplishments

  • Founding Director and Professor of the Art Therapy Master Program at the University of Fine Art in Munich, Germany.

  • Founding Director and Teacher of the Institute of Art and Therapy (IKT) Munich, Germany,

  • Developed both programs and managed 20 adjunct Professors and instructors as team-teachers.

  • Graduated more than 530 students in the 30 years of operations of both programs.

  • These 2 Programs have also produced 7 full-time Professors who are currently running their own programs in Art Therapy in other Educational Institutions in Germany, Austria and Korea.

  • Served as an International Trainer in Art Therapy and Personal Development at various Universities around the world, including the University of Zürich, Switzerland; the George Washington University, Washington DC, USA; University of Lusk, Ukraine; and the University of Fine Art Dresden, Germany.

  • Served for many years as a Trainer in Art Therapy at various prestigious institutions including the Lindauer Advanced Psychotherapy Training Program.

  • Over 50 lectures on Art Therapy at International Professional Conferences, at Institutions and in Universities, world-wide

  • Organized, directed, and facilitated 12 major Professional Conferences on Art Therapy as well as 14 exhibits on Art Therapy in Germany, since 1987.

  • Author of several professional books on Art Therapy, one of which is now in its 7th printing.

  • Author of more than 30 Articles in professional books and journals on Art Therapy

  • Former Vice President and former Member of the Senate of the University of Fine Art in Munich, Germany

  • Certified Training Therapist in Art Therapy (DGKT, DfKGT)

  • More than 15,000 hours of professional therapeutic treatment of individuals including adults, children and groups.

  • Certified Supervisor for Art Therapists, for Teams and for Projects in Art Therapy

  • Languages: German, English, & Spanish.

   Formal Education

  • Masters in Psychology, Universities of Munich and Tübingen, Germany.

  • Ph. D. in Art Therapy and Psychology, University of Zürich, Switzerland

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